Zuckerberg takes inspiration from Iron Man to build Jarvis, an artificial intelligence system for the home

In Marvel movies, JARVIS (an acronym for Just A Rather Very Intelligent System) is the home computer system of Iron Man. It takes care of everything related to your home, from heating and cooling to management Of superhero armor.

Marvel’s JARVIS has inspired Mark Zuckerberg to present Jarvis, a bot based on artificial intelligence with which to control from the house lights to thermostats to Spotify from Facebook systems with an application developed for this purpose.

Jarvis at the moment will not be another tool of Facebook or an option that can arrive in the near future to the social network, but it is a personal project in which the CEO of the company has invested more than 100 hours of work for To be able to know who is knocking at the door of his house, ask him to throw a gray T-shirt from his closet or feed the dog.

At the time of carrying out the project, Zuckerberg reveals in a post that one of the first pitfalls that he had to face was to connect to the Internet elements that, because of their original manufacture, are not. Once he managed to connect them, he worked on the development of code to establish a system in which communicating with a natural language, he was able to return his requests, in the same way as JARVIS in comics.

Despite solving this problem, Zuckerberg points out that if you want to bet on smart home automation in the future “we need more connected devices and the industry needs to develop APIs and common standards so that the devices can talk to each other.”

How to talk to Jarvis?
The founder of the social network explains that once he wrote the code so that the computer could control his house, he proceeded to establish a system with which to be able to talk to him and that this one understood him, yes, trying to get him out of the As naturally as possible.

He started by trying using text messages, until later he added the possibility to talk to the computer “the way he would talk to someone else.” At first he used simple keywords, such as bedroom, lights, or lighting, but “it soon became apparent that he needed to learn synonyms, like that living room and living room meant the same thing, so he had to build a way to teach him new words and concepts,” Explains Zuckerberg.

However the system for the machine to learn new concepts went beyond. And it is that Zuckerberg clarifies that it is not the same as to indicate that the light in the office if it says Priscilla (his wife) or him, with which also worked in that, although explains that still has way to go in that section.

Facial Recognition, Bot …
Beyond voice recognition that fits the user, the intelligent home automation system built by Zuckerberg adds extra functions to the home environment. For example, the computer scientist explains that he has installed a camera in his house that, after programming, are capable of recognizing and tracking certain people.

For example, he explains that if the system recognizes that Max (his daughter) has awakened in his crib, he will be able to automatically put music to sleep again; Or if someone knocks on the door, you can recognize him as a friend and open it directly.

Also, based on the Messenger bot, you will not only be able to control the house being inside with voice commands, but will be able to perform actions at home simply by chatting. In addition, through this system you can send audio clips and the server can translate them into text and then execute those commands – a communication that also works in reverse.

“In 5 or 10 years will be real”
Zuckerberg says he will continue to improve on the current Jarvis since “I use it every day and I’m always finding new things I want to add. I would love Jarvis to control my Big Green Egg barbecue and help me cook, but that will require even more serious hacking I would like to explore Jarvis’s teaching how to learn new skills in and of itself, rather than having to teach him how to perform specific tasks. “

Zuckerberg points out that although this is a purely personal project, it does not rule out releasing it so everyone can take it home “if I ever build a layer that abstracts more home automation functionality … it could be a great base To build a new product “.

The truth is that the founder of Facebook believes that the “construction of artificial intelligence tools in areas that are important for people in the future” will be fundamental because “within 5-10 years it will be real, we will have more accurate artificial intelligence systems that the people”.

After a year of coding, here's Jarvis.

Publicado por Mark Zuckerberg en Martes, 20 de diciembre de 2016