We tell you how the new Facebook “reaction function” button acts

Facebook was preparing to launch its new “Like” button. Finally, it will not include the possibility of saying that something “I do not like” but we can indicate our emotions to the publication as we love, astonish, rejoice and many more.

Facebook’s “Like” button is undoubtedly one of the hallmarks of the social network. Since its conception has been talking about the need for a button to indicate otherwise, since in some publications “it was rare” to mark that we liked. Mark Zuckerberg’s team has long worked on redefining this button.

New! React to a post

Hover over the “Like” button to indicate that you love, amaze, rejoice and much more …

This is what we can read by clicking on “Like” Facebook, which tells us that the new Reactions function is active. To see the options that we offer, we will leave the mouse over the button if we are in a computer or we will hold the button if we are in a mobile phone. A few seconds will appear this drop down with seven different emoticons:
The options we have are: I like it, I love it, It amuses me, I am happy, It amazes me, It saddens me and makes me angry. By clicking on each emoticon, we will mark the emotion that we feel before that publication. In addition, the total count of each type of reaction will appear in the zone where only the “Like” before appeared.