Single dad is teaching other dads How to style his daughters’ hair.

Phillipe Morgese is on a mission to teach parents everywhere the art of hairstyling. The only father has become a pro in creating different hairstyles for his nine-year-old daughter, Emma.

Morgese began a class called “Daddy Daughter Hair Factory”, where men learned to untangle, brush, do horsetails, braided braids and a basic bun. “Most parents picked him out and did exceptional things,” says Morgese.

Morgese held the class at the International Academy in South Daytona, Florida. Expect to add more classes for men and women.

The dads showed up with their daughters engaged in learning to style the style.

“The bond between a father and his son is special. I hope this story inspires others to volunteer their time to help those in their community,” says Morgese.

Morgese said he called several halls in his area but no one was interested. He was about to give up when the International Academy thought his idea was brilliant.