Samsung introduced the new Gear S3

This new digital device was one of the most awaited by people, the hand of IFA and Samsung. And is that the innovative Samsung Gear S3 is a model or rather, two models, as it is Frontier and Classic that reach users to supplant the Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic. Our article today explains why this product is one of the most sought after by man.
A new, more comfortable and large design
Samsung remains true to its principles, because despite the changes always maintains that concept implemented in the Gear S2, to be a smartwatch (round clock) with a round shape, with a rotating bezel that can easily move through the applications, with the So to make an optimal displacement and thus to change of app in app. All this still remains on the Samsung Gear S3, to what everyone thought was gone: the two side buttons and the Tizen operating system.
So what is the change?
The design, because it went from having a luxurious style to possessing a traditional clock look. Moreover, we dare to say that the sport profile that had the Gear S2 disappeared completely. Now, this new version is aimed at those who are looking for a less sporty style, since it is oriented to daily activity, to routine this is what the Gear S3 Frontier proposes, a lifelong clock, which incorporates the buttons With rough texture on its sides.
On the other hand, the design of the Gear S3 Classic does not vary much of the Frontier, except that it has a slightly more stylized lines giving that elegant, luxurious aspect. As for the bezel that rotates, it does not have frames and the buttons became mini circular buttons, which are used next to the bezel, in order to be able to navigate the phone screen. Clearly, the design theme is a subjective element that in the case of these intelligent clocks happens – for some – to the background. However, there are others who are concerned about both.
But the modification was not only aimed at aesthetics, but also at the issue of size. That is, when the screen of the Gear S2 was in about 1.2 “now the Gear S3 happened to have 1.3”. While it is not much, since they only mean about 0.1 “extras when testing the innovative Samsung Gear S3, the first change you will notice will be the dimension.” For some experts the watches seemed too large. New model with the previous one, the issue of size excels considerably.
Finally, regarding the design theme is that until now the Samsung used belts own the brand, with this we mean that if you wanted to change it you had to always opt for a belt of the brand property. With the arrival of the Samsung Gear S3, this changed, now you can use these with the belt you want with such a standard size of 22mm.
Arrived with integrated GPS
Samsung chose to extend to the clocks the RAM as well as the battery compared to the last model. However, you can not yet diagnose its performance and autonomy, as it is a product that barely hit the market a few weeks ago, which makes it difficult to come to some conclusion. However, you can hear several opinions, which leave the clocks very well since they comment that the performance is very good, as well as the transition.