Instagram now allows zooming

The social network of the camera, which recently changed its image for a cooler and more colorful logo, has not stopped bombarding its followers with new applications or functions. And is that its more than 300 million active daily users prefer this service than others. For this, today we bring you Instagram already allows to zoom, another of the improvements that made this app.
Now you can see the photos of your followers better
It turns out that the application applied one of the biggest requests of its followers, who until this moment were left with the desire to be able to see in detail the videos and the photos of the people.
The social network of photos with more than 500 million active people per month, recently announced a new update, which we were all waiting, the zoom, better late than never. Yes, as you read it, you will be able to get closer and better observe the photos of others. Certainly, many are grateful for this improvement.
In short, it seems that Instagram since it modified its image has not stopped bringing its consumers update after update. We could see with his new design and logo, that although there are still people who are still reluctant to change, there are others who received it openly.
Later, this app brought with it a new algorithm to sort the publications, this consists of organizing in order of importance and not chronological the photos that people upload to their profile. This update perhaps for some passed under the table as it is difficult to perceive.
Then, this social network came out with this new application that has revolutionized the world of Snapchat, called Instagram Stories. We say that it affects the app of the fantasmita, since it is a faithful copy of this one. But we did not say it, the same CEO of Instagram admitted that it was a duplicate of Snapchat, but claiming that the important thing was to know how to handle it.
Although the success or failure of this new update has not yet been published, many see the coming death of the Ghostly app because of Instagram Stories.
Finally, the social network of photography has announced to its followers the possibility to zoom the photos and videos.
Instagram already allows to zoom to the photographs and videos, it was only available to the users of iOs, but this is part of the past, because any user who has available the latest update of this app will be able to increase the photos. You will no longer be embarrassed trying to see the bigger picture and accidentally “like” the image.
The application is handled in a simple way, as well as all the modifications that Instagram has made. What you need to do is like pinching the image, or sliding your fingers as if you were zooming in. This function can be used for photos and videos of the timeline, as well as for profiles and in the browser or search engine.
What you did not know about Instagram
The application of the photos was created in autumn 2010, so that after two years (2012) was bought by the most famous social network of moments, Facebook. Due to this, the app has a constant growth, since for October of the year 2015 it managed about 400 million active users to the month, in less than a year this figure went up significantly. In addition, it is the app to upload photos par excellence, upload around 80 million images and videos daily, which receive about 3.5 billion likes.
According to various studies and records the platform of Instagram has doubled its audience in the last two years 80%.