Facebook introduced Lifestage

The social network that gave birth to all the others, created by one of the most influential of the moments, Mark Zuckerberg, presents its new function. While this application was very successful when it started, so novel with respect to the platform configuration, it has now lost popularity so it has had to innovate to stay in the market and keep up with or outperform its competitors. So now Facebook presented Lifestage.
What is this new update?
Facebook is a website dedicated to the relationships of people, which emerges as part of a project for Harvard University, with the intention of exchanging communication in a fluid way to share content, photos, messages or other elements in a simple way And fast through the internet. This social network was released to the public in 2007 and to date have one million 350 thousand users allied to this network.
At present, the book’s network has large competitors who came up with innovative and fresh ideas, which have made this app reduce the number of active people. Such is the case of Twitter and Instagram. However, the bird network has lowered the numbers of active and allied followers, so it is no longer displayed as a great rival to Facebook. Also, this digital platform has known how to reinvent itself. At least, he demonstrated this when he bought the Instagram app in 2012.
Similarly, Facebook for a while began a process of refreshing, almost constant, so it is normal for people who use this application to see something new in it. One of the many modifications was the incorporation of other states. That is, this app added to the option I like, the alternative of: it amuses me, I love it, it amazes me, it saddens me, it annoys me. Although, this new configuration brought many controversies, since the button that people were really waiting for was the “I do not like”, little by little the netizens have grabbed affection to it.
The last update that created this application was Lifestage, and comes out with the intention of dethroning one of the adversaries that is giving you more problems, Snapchat. And is that the app of the ghost is one of the most popular to date, for bringing the interactive that turned the issue of social networks. Also, the fun filters you have.
Because of that app, is that we have seen for several months how Facebook copies some of the best features of the yellow ghost, to incorporate it into your system. This we perceive with the launching of Instagram Stories, that can be defined as the stories of Snapchat, only that within the social network of photos. Later, we visualized how the book’s network incorporated into its video filters and now Facebook presented Lifestage.
Lifestage, this is an application that at the moment Android consumers can not use, only iOS. The funny thing about this app is that it is a kind of social network focused on students and especially for those under 21 years.
When you download this application you will be asked for the registration information where you must enter information about, the school, age, name, something like when you entered Facebook, except that for the final income you must have a university email.
By entering you will see that the profile of each user is focused on video content. All audiovisual materials you post will be stored in your profile and can be viewed by other users.