Delta Beta, the jailbreak iOS emulator now available

A month ago we informed you about the launch of a new emulator for games of old consoles called Delta, application previously known by the name of GB4iOS.

The same developer of the previous application, Riley Testut, at the end of last November made public an announcement where he informed his followers about a new project in which he was working that in fact it was a new game console emulator Which can already be considered retro. This new project has been designed, at least in principle, to work on platforms based on the Apple operating system, ie on iPhone and iPad devices with iOS. Among the main improvements that Delta includes with respect to the previous version of the tool, it is important to highlight that which refers to the user interface, in addition includes a greater functionality for the emulator itself and even more important, increasing The compatibility with games of a greater number of consoles.

This type of software, as a rule, and more in the times in which the games, at least at the graphic level, are authentic works of art, usually delights lovers of video games of yesteryear and the most Nostalgic And we can not leave aside the fact that through this emulator we will have the possibility to recall titles belonging to the past Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance or Super Nintendo from our iPhone or iPad device. However, despite the striking nature of all this, perhaps one of the most important points of this new project of the creator of the original emulator, focus on that it can work on Apple products without the need for them to have the Jailbreak, something that makes it perhaps the most interesting product in the industry.

Operation of the Delta emulator
Obviously the developer has already encountered several problems that have faced Nintendo, but despite everything has already released the first Beta version of Delta and is expected to be available soon in the official App Store. Another of the highlights of the tool in question is the simplicity it presents when loading the different ROMs of the games, and is also compatible with the main storage platforms in the Cloud. We refer to alternatives such as Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive or Box, which makes these tasks even easier, as we can load ROMs directly from these online proposals.

To all this we must add the detail that, once loaded the corresponding ROM, the emulator itself unloads the original case of the game so that we have a library of titles of the most careful. However in this Beta version that has already been made available to users enrolled in your program, at the moment you can only use ROMs from the Super Nintendo or Game Boy Advance consoles, although it is more than enough to give us an idea of ​​What awaits When the final release is official Of course, we have no official date for the final version for iOS, nor its price, or whether there will be an alternative for users of Google’s Android systems.