Apple works on an App to compete against Snapchat

The success of social networks in people is indisputable, the incredible reception that Internet users gave them, has made many companies dedicated to technology want to design their own network of interaction on the Internet. One of the big companies that intends to do this, is the apple company, since it has been rumored that Apple works in an app to compete with Snapchat. But why with the application of the yellow ghost, here we explain it to you.
Apple seeks to dethrone Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the social networks that has set a trend in this world, and is that the creators of this app really diagnosed that was what people wanted. Therefore, from the date of its creation, until today, the application of yellow ghost has an approximate 150 million daily active users. With this figure this app managed to leave behind the one of the most famous networks, Twitter.

The boom that has had the app handled by Internet users between the ages of 18 and 24 years old is associated with the concept that files that “disappear” from the network after being seen. At the beginning the time was between about 5 to 10 minutes, now you extended this period to about 24 hours. The application of the ghost was developed by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown, students of Stanford University, in the United States, in 2010.
The success of the application has been of such a magnitude that the owners of Facebook tried to buy it for no less than 3 billion dollars. But this company was not the only one, the magnates of Google also looked for to buy it by a figure of 4 billion dollars. However, the Snapchat CEOs refused both.

On the other hand, this application works similarly to an instant messaging app like WhatsApp, since it allows adding contacts and sending individual messages or groups, only with the difference that that exchange is with photos or videos. One advantage or disadvantage is that when the user opens the message has 1 to 10 seconds, so that it self-destruct.

Another element that has worked excellent Snapchat, and many want to imitate is that those photos you send can be edited, adding a small text or a drawing. Also, this app has the captivating filters, which are the main attraction.
A curious fact is that people who use Snapchat send an approximate 400 million photos a day, thus beating their rival Facebook.

For these reasons, it is rumored that Apple works on an app to compete with Snapchat, which will be focused on videos, filters and drawings. In general terms it will be an app similar to the yellow ghost, but knowing the App will have a variation or a new twist that they expect to be a boom, or at least have tried.
However, Apple would not be the first to develop a pair of Snapchat, since Instagram, which was bought by Facebook about 5 years ago, was advanced with its new update called Instagram Stories, which removed the filters of the ghost, is A copy of this But this we do not say, the same CEO of the photography app admitted that it was very similar to Snapchat, but that this is normal in technology you just have to know how to adapt and improve it.